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Mike Boone - Presenter

‘The Soul Facts Show’

is an hour long programme, brought to you by the

‘The Chancellor of Soul’

Mike Boone

Mike is a journalist and music afficiano from New York City,

who’s mission is to preserve the history and legacy of legendary R&B / Pop artists.

Mike Says

‘I do think that the term “Oldies But Goodies”  to describe R&B music to me is
so much outdated. The term ” Classic Soul & R&B” should be labeled, because as
the music becomes older, it just gets better with time. It reminds me of
vintage wine that’s been locked in a cellar for 10 years or more. The more locked, the
more it sparkles the taste.

What makes me happy is my music and whatever of my music and myself, I can
give to people, to educate them and help them to forget whatever troubles may
haunt them. To have fun and satisfy the listeners, makes my life very rewarding.’

Mike appeared in the 1978 documentary

with the legendary R&B singer  Evelyn  “Champagne”  King.

  He has also was featured as an extra in the Spike Lee classic movie,  “Malcolm X”.

  Mike played host to the great R&B classic soul disc jockey Felix Hernandez and a

legendary of Who’s Who’s in the history of R&B music,

for his Rhythm Revue 12th Anniversary celebration

held at the world renowned Roseland Ballroom in New York City.