‘The Hermit’


‘Stuck In The Psychedelic Era’.

‘The Hermit’ is the ‘alto – ego’of Radio Producer & Presenter

Steven R. Webb.

Turns out he pre-records his show each week at a Radio Studio in Geneva, New York.

Steven has always had a passion for music.
His parents were from Geneva -New York, but Webb spent many years as a military
kid attending three different high schools across the USA.
During a two-year stint in the service, he worked at the base’s radio station.
He later formed a few bands such as The Mumphries and Civilian Joe, which played alternative rock.
He played guitar and bass with most of their songs being original material.
In the 1980s he got burned out on the band scene but kept a connection with radio.
At one time a couple of decades ago, Webb was a disc jockey on multiple stations in the Geneva
area requiring him to take on different last names at each one.
For WEOS he decided to go a different route with “The Hermit.”
The first two years his show was “Stuck in the 20th Century” until he pared it down
to its current name and format.As you can imagine,
his own personal record collection numbers in the thousands if not tens of thousands.
His favorite band? Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Steven says he will continue to do his show “’til I drop.”
For Steven it’s a true labor of love.
  He is just interested in getting the music out to
as many folks as possible.