Friday 12.00 noon & Sunday at 2.00pm

that 70's sound pic

Is brought to you by

Dave Edwards

Re-live those days that gave us Crazy Fashions,
the Rubic Cube, the Sony Walkman, and the Pet Rock.

Plus saw the world of music take off, in so many new, and unexpected directions.
Join us for an hour of pure 70’s nostalgia.

Along with some great music ‘That Seventies Sound’ includes

one or two additional features.

These include
‘TV Times’ where we bring you a favourite TV theme from the 70’s.

‘The Music Chain Quiz’. Five questions, or links,

about the 70’s to answer, in order the complete the chain.

The ‘Disco 12 – Incher’. We close the show each week with a 12″

remix of a Classic Disco Hit.

So plenty of things to enjoy every Friday at 12.00 noon,

on the Mid Day Music Box,  and at 2.00pm every Sunday afternoon

when you listen to

‘That Seventies Sound’