Stuck In The Psychedelic Era


8.00pm – 10.00pm


is hosted by

 ‘The Hermit’

The weekly two hour radio show featuring music from

roughly the years 196470.

Stuck in the Psychedelic Era, is rooted in the music created by both American

and British bands of the late 1960s ,

yet is constantly expanding beyond those roots to create an

eclectic blend of music unlike anything else in modern radio.

Much of the music is taken directly from vintage vinyl, scratches and all.

The rest comes from Compact Disc compilations and re-issues of original albums,

all taken from ‘The Hermit’s’ personal collection.

Invoking the original underground radio format of the late 1960s the style is clean and direct.

Commentary is centered on the music itself: artist histories, contextual information,

anecdotes, personal memories and occasional forays into how the music of the

psychedelic era relates to today’s world, with additional track by track commentary,

including technical details such as release year, original label and songwriting info.

The show’s format follows that of underground radio stations of the 1960s

with no jingles or pre-recorded promos. Much of the commentary centers

on the artists’ histories, contextual information, anecdotes and personal memories.


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