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‘Seventies At Seven’

takes us back to the 1970’s .

Living in the 70’s was a fantastic experience in the midst of a unique culture.

These were the days of pet rocks, mood rings, water beds, crystals, incense, and wild color.

There were fads, changing times, and a few troublesome events.

Possibly you were a little older by now, and more aware of the world,

and this simple fact may have contributed greatly to your 70’s awareness.

With that said, what exactly did happen in the 70’s ?

Women’s liberation,

more awareness toward nuclear activity, environmentalism,

more sophisticated rock and roll, and what was to become known as the ‘oil crisis’ for starters.

The 70’s experience included bizarre inventions and crazy cultural icons.

Fads included some of the most unforgettable items ever. Lava lamps, adhesive daisies for cars,

clogs, and crystals were a part of the whole 70’s experience. Water beds were new and all the rage.

It was popular to cover them with a giant tapestry spread.

“Have a nice day!” became a slogan that earmarked the 70’s.

Accompanied by the simplistic rendering of the ‘happy face’.

It’s quite possible that this little icon could define the entire 70’s decade by its mere presence alone.

Sickeningly sweet, ‘happy faces’ appeared everywhere; they were spray painted on buildings,

finger-drawn in the dust of automobiles, drawn on the pantlegs of levis,

or simply over-marketed in stores.

If you love the 70’s, & want to emerse yourself in the music

of that extraordinary decade, all you need to do is spend an hour

listening to the