Mike Boone - Presenter

Mike Boone


‘The Soul Facts Show’.

If music be the food of love, play on” – Shakespeare

It all started with Alan Freed in 1954, Cleveland Ohio. Jocko Henderson and
Tommy ‘Dr Jive’ Smalls, in Harlem, NY, a few of the worlds best DJ’s on air for
all to hear. There were also the music arenas, where the music was played by
these legendary on-air radio personalities: ‘The Apollo Theater’, ‘The Brooklyn
Fox’, ‘The Brooklyn Paramount’ and ‘Freedom land’ in the heart and soul of New York’s inner city boroughs.

At this time and during these ‘going-on’s’, Mike Boone was just a ‘twinkle’ in
his mother’s eye. To everyone’s amazement, Mike captivated and mesmerized the attention of those who were exposed to him, having researched, studied and memorized the history of some of the all time Soul and Pop greats at a young age. His vast knowledge and the history of their music and recording careers have stumped many engaged in a conversation with him.

In a recent interview, Mike recalled his Mother exposing him to music and
taking him to the World Famous Apollo Theater, where in amazement he would sit on her lap watching such performers as the late great entertainer Jackie Wilson at the tender age of five. Once in a chance meeting, Muhammad Ali gravitated towards a young Mike, picking him up, warmly embracing him and asking him ‘Who’s going to be the champ?’ Those prophetic words would mark the future endeavors of that young and knowledge thirsty mind.

As destiny would have it, Mike would become a champion fighter, not as a prize fighter in a boxing ring, but an disc jockey, advocate, journalist and speaker, keeping alive the history and legacies of music’s greatest soul artists. He provides recognition for those who have graced the public with their unique talents, whose contributions to the world of music might otherwise go unnoticed.

From a warm summer of 1968, a knowledge and thirst for music was instilled in
his soul. Mike Boone became entranced, obsessed and engulfed with the love of music, the future leading him to be exposed to many concert performances and musical artists, and eventually to a conversation with a legendary Northern Soul great and dear friend Tony Drake of ‘Let’s Play House’ fame, suggesting: ‘with your vast knowledge of music and history, you should have a title in front of your name’ from that day he was deemed: “THE CHANCELLOR OF SOUL“.