Every day at 3.00pm – 6.00pm

If you’ve had a busy morning, and you’ve promised yourself

a few hours of ‘Me Time’ in the afternoon, then

‘Afternoon Delight’

is perfect for you.
You can sit down, relax, indulge yourself in your favourite hobby,
read a book, or just let the music transport
you back to the 60’s and 70’s .
As well as the music,  Afternoon Delight offers you
a wide variety of Music Based Features including:

TV TIMES – One theme from a 60’s and a 70’s TV Show.

FEATURED ARTIST – Two tracks from the week’s Featured Artist.

FEATURED GROUP – Two tracks from the week’s Featured Group.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK – 2 tracks from our Album Of The Week.

FEATURED YEAR – Five tracks from a specific 60’s or 70’s year.

AFTERNOON TEA BREAK – ‘Time Out’ with some Relaxing Music.